The Family-Friendly Train Pledge

Since establishing our campaign at the start of 2021, we have been impressed by the considerable buy-in and support we have received from the rail industry. However as our recent scorecard, which was covered in national press, revealed there is still considerable work to be done to ensure that the rail network is family friendly.

We also know that the challenges accessing public transport with a pram exacerbates social exclusion.

One of the lessons we have learnt, however, is that mistakes made in the past have a long legacy and are expensive to correct. For example, much of the rolling stock available in the UK did not include dedicated space for unfolded prams. 

We have therefore invited all Train Operating Companies (including Open Access operators) as well as HS2, the DFT and GBR(TT) to sign up to the Family Friendly Train Travel Pledge to ensure future rolling stock and stations provide trains and stations that families want to use and ensure that mistakes made in a pre-Covid context are not repeated. 

The pledge includes five commitments:

  1. Unfolded Buggy Spaces and Reservations – To never order a new train or undertake a refurbishment without providing dedicated space for unfolded prams. These spaces must be separate and distinct from dedicated space for wheelchair users.
  2. Child Friendly Toilets – To consider the needs of young children and parents when designing toilets on trains and at stations.
  3. Communication and Engagement – To include a dedicated family friendly travel page on your website and provide live  information on where best to stand on the platform.
  4. Assistance and Staff Training – To extend Passenger Assist to parents travelling alone with small children (under 5) and to include the needs of families in your staff training by the end of 2023

Breastfeeding – To sign up to the BfN Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme.

What can I do to support the Campaign for Family Friendly Trains?

If you’re a parent/carer and you’d like to share your story please get in touch, follow us on Instagram @familyfriendlytrains and/or tweet us.

If you’d like to help out with the campaign please get in touch