Case studies


The family zone on ÖBB Railjets are “designed specifically for fun and games”. There is a children’s cinema as well as tables with decorated with board games.

Compartment on train in Austira (Photo credit: Gernot Wagner)

Czech Republic

RegioJet operates rail routes around the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries.

Their trains feature six reservable seats within a children’s compartment, with additional seats for children, toys and a screen

Children’s compartment on RegioJet train (Photo credit: @CapotrenoEd)


Finnish operator VR proudly boasts “a train is the best way to travel with children.” With designated spaces for prams, family compartments, and a children’s play area, who could disagree?!

Children’s play area on board Finnish train


SNCF Intercity services on the Paris-Limoges-Toulouse line have a “Espace KID” carriage for children, including several family compartments and a play area for children.

The carriage has fixed seats designed especially for passengers aged 1 to 4, changing tables, power outlets for bottle warmers and a storage area for pushchairs.

Play area on the train
SNCF “Espace KID” family carriage


Deutsche Bahn provides a family compartment or area on all high speed Intercity Express (ICE) trains and most intercity trains.

There is room to park a pram in this area.

The compartment offers space for crawling and playing, a childproof socket for a bottle warmer and a changing table to fold out.

The family compartment can be reserved in advance.

Pushchair on Duetsche Bahn ICE train

Great Britain

We welcomed the Proteus Rail Interior concept from transport design consultancy PriestmanGoode that includes space for unfolded prams and pushchairs.

New Merseyrail trains introduced in 2023 include space for unfolded prams and pushchairs, and level boarding at every station. There is one pram space on every carriage of the train, showing what is possible in the UK!

Pushchair on Proteus rail interior design (Photo credit: PriestmanGoode)
Merseyrail pram area. A bay of four tip up seats create space for unfolded prams and pushchairs, separate from the space for wheelchairs and bicycles. (Photo: Merseyrail)
Merseyrail trains feature a sliding step that meets the platform edge, creating level boarding for everyone. (Photo: Merseyrail)


New trains for Ireland’s DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) network feature a dedicated family area with tip-up seats and a clearly marked area on the train floor.

Family area on DART+ Fleet (Photo Credit: Alstom UK & Ireland)


Japan has various novelty trains with themed interiors.

The Aso Boy (あそぼーい!) is a train service in Kyushu, Japan, operated by Kyushu Railway Company. The Kuroclub family area contains a ball pit. Yes, a ball pit!

Family area with ball pit on Aso Boy train (Photo credit: @sim_nagra)


A dedicated space for pushchairs is included on several carriages on FrecciaRossa high speed trains

New regional trains also include a clearly marked area for pushchairs

Area for pushchairs on TrenItalia regional train


New long-distance trains will be introduced in Norway from 2026.

The trains feature a family area with a Viking ship themed play area. There are also plenty of places for pushchairs and prams

During daytime, the sleeping compartments can be used as private seating groups for both families and business travelers.

A Viking Ship themed play area (Image: Norske tog)


All InterCity long-distance double-deck trains on the Swiss Federal Railways include a family coach. The family coaches are kitted out with a play area with a slide!

There are also family zones in 2nd class on single-deck trains.

Children playing on a play area on a train in Switzerland
An alternative design of the play area on trains in Switzerland
The family carriage can be easily identified by the picture on the outside of the carriage

Have you used any of these trains or come across any other family friendly trains on your travels? We’d love to hear about them so please, let us know!